Thursday, March 31, 2016

Winter Watch: Potential Problems with Heating in Cottage Grove, MN

Locals are halfway through the Minnesota winter, but that only means heating in Cottage Grove, MN should be a higher priority than ever. Hopefully, you’ve had your heating system fully checked before the start of the season, even repaired if necessary. Despite this measure, it pays to keep an eye out for unpredictable furnace problems you might encounter when temperatures plummet. Here are some common furnace problems homeowners face during winter: Ignition Breakdown Many homeowners in the area use gas furnaces, and if you’re one of them, your system typically starts up with the use of an ignition device. Once that ignition fails, your furnace will fail to ignite the burner assembly which is critical to heating. Have you experienced difficulties firing up your furnace recently? There might be trouble with its ignition.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Save Money and Prolong Your Heating Unit’s Life With Annual Tune-ups

Lower your heating bill and avoid costly repairs with a furnace tune-up. Before you turn your system on for the winter, have a professional clean, inspect, and care for it to ensure that everything’s in top working order. Just as you have the oil changed regularly in your car; it’s vital that you invest in this ongoing maintenance for your home’s heating system. Annual Inspections The furnace is your most important appliance when the temperature drops, so you don’t want to take any chances. In order to avoid breakdowns, take care of your heating in Cottage Grove, MN. The experts recommend having your system serviced in the fall before you go to us it for the first time. This way it can be in top condition and ready to serve you throughout the cold winter months.

Easy Yet Effective Ways to Save Money on Your Residential Heating Cost

If you are tired of the high cost of heating in Cottage Grove, MN homes, you are not alone. Many people dread opening their utility bill during the winter months because of the cost of heating, but home heating is essential. After all, you could face uncomfortable and unhealthy living conditions without heating in your home. Thankfully, there are a few tips that you can follow to save money on your home heating bills, and these will not impact your comfort level or how you use energy for heating. Keep Your System Well-Maintained As a first step, keep your system well-maintained through furnace repair in Cottage Grove, MN as well as through maintenance services annually. With annual maintenance service, the system will be thoroughly cleaned, air filters will be replaced and fluids will be topped off. This will restore the system to great condition so that it operates with peak efficiency.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Most Common Winter Furnace Problems You Should Look Out For

If you own a furnace, you must learn the common maintenance signs that occur during the winter. By contacting a professional service for heating in Cottage Grove, MN, you can resolve many issues before they affect your entire system. When your furnace stops producing heat, find out if power is traveling to the unit. If the furnace has power, inspect the fuse box in your home. You must contact a technician if the ignition system is malfunctioning. Cycling Heat Your furnace will develop air flow problems after dirt clogs the blower or filter. If the debris isn’t removed regularly, the furnace will cycle on and off constantly whenever the temperature in the system rises.

3 Ways That a Furnace Repair Helps to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

"During our cold, Minnesota winters, your home would be very chilly without a fully functional furnace. Routine checkups are recommended to keep your heating system operating at peak performance. In addition to having a heating technician do routine maintenance, if you do experience a heating problem, furnace repair services may also be needed. A qualified furnace repair technician in Cottage Grove, MN can correct problems that could make your home unsafe. Consider these three ways that repairs to your home's heating system may help to keep you safer and healthier this winter. Checking for Gas Leaks If your furnace has developed a problem with a natural gas supply pipe, valve or burner, the natural gas could build up inside of your home. A natural gas buildup is an unsafe condition that could be harmful to anyone inside of the structure, as a spark could ignite the gas.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

These Six Preventative Maintenance Tips Are Key to Heating Comfort

There are very few places with tougher winters than Minnesota. So, preparing your furnace in Woodbury, MN for winter and calling a furnace repair professional if needed is a must, to ensure that your furnace is working the day you turn on the switch. Here are six tips to prepare for winter: Unplug By unplugging your air conditioner, you prevent it from automatically turning on when the weather becomes warmer, or when the first warm day of Spring arrives. Pulling the plug solves this problem completely.

Monday, September 21, 2015

HVAC in Woodbury, MN Homes: Good Reasons to Buy Energy-Efficient Units

Regardless of what the temperature is outside, you have the right to keep the temperature inside of your home consistent and comfortable throughout the year. In fact, when you buy a new central air conditioning unit in Woodbury, MN or nearby areas, you can keep your home cool during the summer months without spending too much money. Let's take a look at the benefits of making such a purchase. Your New Unit Will Have a Higher Efficiency Ratio The efficiency of your unit is measured by its SEER, which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio and takes into account the power needed to start the unit, run it at full capacity, and shut it down.