Monday, February 2, 2015

Heating in Cottage Grove, MN: Calling the Days on an Old Dependable

If you’ve had a dreary winter because your furnace all but gave up, the change from winter to springtime may be your chance to start over with a new furnace. In answering questions in a section at This Old House magazine, Richard Trethewey said that there’s much to think about in having a new furnace installed. A look at the weather readings for the past month in Cottage Grove, MN, revealed some interesting tidbits that can test the patience of people leery of the cold. The mercury was teetering above zero degrees during the Christmas holidays and fluctuated the first two weeks of January 2015, hitting the high 20s nine times – and your furnace may have been severely tested on those coldest days. If you feel that your furnace fought its last battle during the winter of 2014-2015, experts at heating in Cottage Grove, MN like the team at Rumpca Services welcome the chance to ensure you get a new furnace that will best fit your home’s needs.

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